Dissecting computers: A geek in the making

Ritesh Harry

Developer Extraordinaire

My name is Ritesh Harry born and raised in Zimbabwe. Lived there all my life until 3 years ago when I moved to Australia to further my education and pursue a career in the IT industry. I am studying a degree in Information Technology majoring in Networking and Security which I will complete at the end of the year. My role at SilverDane is the Customer Support Representative (CSR).

1.       What is your earliest IT memory?
Opening up a really old working computer and pulling things out of it. I was really young and had no idea what I was doing. I think I got an electric shock as well!

2.       What gadget or software can’t you live without?
Probably my laptop.

3.       Do you prefer Mac or PC?
Mac, but they are too expensive!

4.       What were you doing before you joined SilverDane?
Studying and working part time at Nando’s!

5.       If you weren’t working in IT, what would you do?
Work as a car mechanic.

6.       What is something quirky about you?
I do crazy things out of the blue and people think I’m crazy, which is okay I guess since they end up laughing!

7.       What is your idea of fun?
Having a BBQ with friends and a lot of cold beers!

8.       What is your pet hate?
People who complain about petty issues/problems they have when there are other people with much more greater problems than them.

9.       What is the worst gift you have ever received?
A really, I mean really, ugly t-shirt!

10.   What nationality are you and what do you love about your homeland?
I am Indian but since I was born in Africa I would say I am African. I love the wildlife and nature.

11.   If you could change passports, what nationality would you choose and why?
I would change it to any first world country nationality then I could travel around the world without having to go through so many procedures!

12.   If you could shout anyone to dinner, who would it be and why?
Anyone that I know simply because I am a good guy.

13.   If you could holiday anywhere, where would you go?
Some beautiful island, located anywhere would be fine as long as there is good weather!

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